Thursday 24 June 2010

Improved WebM performance on x86_64 Linux and Win64

Last week we landed patches from Makoto Kato to enable optimized assembly in libvpx on Win64. We also landed a similar patch from Tim Terriberry to enable optimized assembly in libvpx on Linux x86_64. This will improve decoding performance of WebM videos on these platforms. We're still being hit by scaling performance, particularly on high resolution and "full-screen" YouTube HTML5 experiment WebM videos. We're aware of this, and are working to improve it.

Wednesday 9 June 2010

WebM has landed on Firefox nightlies

Today I landed Firefox's WebM support on mozilla-central, our Firefox development branch. It should appear in nightly builds from tonight onwards.

Credits to the development effort go to Chris Double for writing the decoder backend, Matthew Gregan for writing the ISC style licensed libnestegg WebM demuxer, and myself for integrating all the moving parts into the Mozilla tree and build system. Also thanks need to go to the releng team which promptly installed YASM on the Mozilla Linux and Mac build machines, and to Roc, Shaver and many others for cracking the whip and working behind the scenes.

Firefox should build with WebM support without needing any extra changes to your build configuration, unless you're building on Win32, where you'll need to have MASM installed in order to compile libvpx's optimized assembly. MASM ships with the Windows 7 SDK, and with Visual Studio Pro. If you've got neither of those installed, you can also download MASM directly.

If you're building on Linux x86, Mac x86 or Mac x86_64 and you've got YASM installed, you'll automatically build VP8 decoder's optimized assembly code from libvpx. If you don't have YASM, you'll fallback to using the generic C code, which won't be as fast, but still performs acceptably. We don't have WebM support building on Win64 yet, you can disable if you reconfigure with --disable-webm.

If you're looking for some WebM videos to test with, you can view WebM videos on YouTube's HTML5 Experiement with nightly builds from tonight onwards.